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Guided tours with driver from Civitavecchia to Rome.

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Seeing Rome is a dream come true for many travelers. However, many visitors to Rome do not realize that all the popular attractions have long lines to enter. You must stand in these lines in order to purchase tickets to see the ancient historical sight or to enter into the various museums, in most cases. What does this mean? This means you may stand in line for an hour before you actually can enter the Roman Coliseum. Once you are inside, you will see the ruins, but will you really know any more than you did before you purchased the ticket?

With a private guide and driver you will be able to avoid all the lines as well as travel through the lesser crowded areas so you can see more sights around Rome instead of staying with the crowd of tourists. If you stay on the main drag, you will be running into all the tourist traps, which will also lessen your time to visit all the sights you wish to see.

With a private driver, you can choose the sights you wish to explore, where you wish to stop and dine, and of course, have more time to see more sights instead of trying to walk all over Rome. With your own private tour guide you will be receiving an in-depth tour where all of your questions will be answered about the various sites you see around Rome from the fountains to the structures to the works of art.

A private guide and driver for your Rome tours will be able to aid in creating an itinerary so you will be able to visit more sights such as Vatican City. With a Vatican City private tour, you can receive a VIP entrance into the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

With a private tour, you and your family will be the only persons in the tour. This allows you to enjoy all the attractions without strangers being along so you can feel more relaxed and breathe in the beauty and culture of the Eternal City.

Rome is a marvelous place to visit; however, if you do not know your way around or wish to visit the Vatican Museums, a private tour guide and driver can provide you with comfortable transportation as well as give you details of the unique items found in the museums that are not labeled. What good does it do to see a famous piece of artwork or an amazing piece of history if you do not know what it is or who the creator was? With a private guide, you will learn all the facts.

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